The Denture Centre, Tasmania

Our team members are in a unique position to change people's lives through the provision of quality dental care. The restoration of a smile, the ability to eat, the opportunity to freely communicate with enhanced self esteem. It's what sets us apart...and we do it well.

To give the group a purpose we needed a future vision for patients who have the need of our services. The following are the Aims and Declaration of The Denture Centre Group written back in 1995 yet still relevant today.


The Denture Centre Group will develop and maintain a network of independently owned prestige Dental Prosthetic practices under The Denture Centre Group banner.


  • To deliver high quality dental prosthetic services to all patients regardless of social circumstances.
  • Deliver service in a proficient, tolerant and compassionate manner.
  • Abide by known infection control guidelines in surgery and laboratory environs.
  • Collaborate with colleagues for mutual benefit by exchange of ideas, techniques and materials information.

Meet the team:

Nikki Sabok, Dental Prosthetist image

Nikki Sabok, Dental Prosthetist

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Amir Salehi, Practice Manager image

Amir Salehi, Practice Manager

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